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Photo source: Found Poetry Project

Celebrate National Poetry Month this April by creating your own “found poem” and submitting it online. (Anonymously, if you wish.) Head on over to the Found Poetry Project, the brainchild of Jenni B. Baker and Beth Ayer, graduates of UMass Dartmouth’s Professional Writing Program.

The information below is from the project’s web site and press materials.

Found poetry, defined

Found poetry is the art of excerpting words and phrases from any written source and combining them in new ways to form a poem. Sources can range from traditional texts like books, newspapers and magazines to more unexpected origins like product packaging, Twitter updates and court testimony.

The project

The project will distribute more than 500 found poetry kits in communities across the United States and four countries and curate the resulting poems online at http://www.foundpoetryproject.com.

The kits, each containing all the materials someone needs to write a found poem, will be distributed in community bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, public transportation and other public locations for people to stumble upon beginning March 28. Kit finders are encouraged to write a poem using the kit and share it on the project website.

A Kickstarter campaign run between February 3 and March 4, 2012, generated more than $1,250 for the Found Poetry Project, double the project’s original goal.

A word from Jenni B. Baker, founder & editor-in-chief at The Found Poetry Review

“While poets have been incorporating and building on one another’s work for centuries, found poetry is still an under-practiced and, in some cases under-appreciated, art form. We hope the Found Poetry Project will be a fun initiative that gets the public involved in experimenting with found poetry and showcases the contributions that can be made in the genre.”

Create your own kits!

Individuals and groups are encouraged to extend the reach of the project by creating their own kits to distribute in their communities. Guidelines for those wishing to participate in the project are available on the Found Poetry Project website.

More information

Contact Jenni B. Baker at foundpoetryreview@gmail.com.

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